B2B Program

Are you a seller? If you are a physical or virtual company owner, we are with you with all our product categories and experience. Do not have difficulties for technical support and product procurement. Contact our expert team for corporate support.

E Commerce Program

Establish your website through our corporate business partner, load our product list, focus on direct marketing. After your E-Commerce site is prepared, our partner adds the required product list to your site. Customers reach you with your contact information.


Do you want to start a venture without capital? You can use various marketplaces or other methods to sell our products. We support you as a manufacturer-supplier. We send the products to the customer on your behalf, and do not deal with tedious work. Moreover, we offer export opportunities. Contact now and get support.

Affiliate Marketing

If you own a website or social platform, you will earn commissions for every customer you refer by promoting our site and our products. Contact us to get our corporate banner and images and start the program.

Situs Slot Gacor

Bonus New Member 100

Bidirdioglu® Construction Machines & Spare Parts

Find here Motor Grader Spare Parts Volvo Caterpillar Champion Komatsu Mitsubishi Transmissions Crankshaft Volvo Loaders & Trucks Blades, Teeth, Adapters O-rings & Seals Disc & Plates Hydraulic & Transmissions pumps caterpillar spare parts greyder yedek parça greyder bakımı greyder servis motor graders products What does your spare parts mean? What are critical spare parts? What is the difference between spares and consumables? Are spare parts inventory? How do I write a letter requesting spare parts?

Volvo G960C Volvo G946C Volvo G946C Volvo G940C Volvo G940C Volvo G930C Volvo G930C Volvo G960B Volvo G960B Volvo G946B Volvo G946B Volvo G940B Volvo G940B Volvo G930B Volvo G930B Volvo G990 Volvo G990 Volvo G976 Volvo G976 Volvo G970 Volvo G970 Volvo G960 Volvo G960 Volvo G946 Volvo G946 Volvo G940 Volvo G940 Volvo G930 Volvo G930 Volvo G780B Volvo G780B Volvo G746B Volvo G746B Volvo G740B Volvo G740B Volvo G730B Volvo G730B Volvo G726B Volvo G726B Volvo G720B Volvo G720B Volvo G710B Volvo G710B Volvo G780-G780 VHP Volvo G780-G780 VHP Volvo G740-G740 VHP Volvo G740-G740 VHP Volvo G736 VHP Volvo G736 VHP Volvo G730-G730 VHP Volvo G730-G730 VHP Volvo G726 VHP Volvo G726 VHP Volvo G720-G720 VHP Volvo G720-G720 VHP Volvo G716 VHP Volvo G716 VHP Volvo G710-G710 VHP Volvo G710-G710 VHP Volvo G60 Volvo G60 Volvo G66 Volvo G66 Volvo G80 Volvo G80 Volvo G86

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