Vision & Mission

Targets the accurate determination of user needs, in order to respond to these ever-changing needs of innovative and creative designs to be revealed, and all of our production in our own constitution is the creation of the infrastructure to make.
In this regard, in order to develop new product designs have been making serious efforts. In this process, taking into account all relevant factors in manufacturing and design useful products are produced.
Our company realized until today the successful rise of the given value to customers and partners that may seem, trained and committed to the company owes to its employees.

Quality Management

Customer focus

Organizations depend on their customers, so you must understand the needs of customers now and in the future, they must be organized in a way that will meet the requirements.


Leading the organization's objectives and provides administrative unity. These people accomplish the objectives of the organization shall establish and maintain the environment to ensure their full participation.

Participation in Management

Employees at all levels are the essence of the organization and their full involvement enables their ability to use the benefit of the organization.

Process Approach

The desired result, when activities and related resources are managed as a process to obtain more efficient.

System Approach

Defined as a system of interrelated processes, understanding and managing the organization's effectiveness and efficiency in achieving the goals and contribute to success.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement of the overall performance of the organization should be a permanent objective.

Decisions Realistic Approach

Effective decisions are based on data analysis and knowledge.

Supplier Relationships

The successful use of these management principles, the parties improved financial returns, brings benefits such as the creation of value and increased profitability.

Bidirdioglu® Construction Machines & Spare Parts

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